Beach Front VIP Home Jaco

Open Air Beachfront Home

This paradise home is a nine-bedroom villa located in south Jaco where you can see the sun dipping into the ocean and painting the sky with its magnificent colors. There are six bedrooms downstairs and three bedrooms upstairs. There is one bathroom for each separate room.

This villa includes refreshing air conditioning and a perfect view of the Pacific ocean, as well as a large room for special events. You can enjoy breakfast on the seven-foot dining table, or enjoy a movie night with your family on the 94” drop-down projection screen.

The outdoor patio includes a grilling area decorated with green foliage and overlooking the beautiful Jaco beach. This beachfront home sports a high-performance sound system for you to listen to music while enjoying your vacation!

Bedroom occupancy: 18 people, 9 Bedrooms, 10 baths.

  • Bedroom 1 – King size bed
  • Bedroom 2 – King size bed
  • Bedroom 3 – King size bed
  • Bedroom 4 – King size bed
  • Bedroom 5 – King size bed
  • Bedroom 6 – Queen-size bed
  • Bedroom 7 – Queen-size bed
  • Bedroom 8 – Queen-size bed
  • Bedroom 9 – Queen-size bed