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A beautiful country with amazing lush tropical forests, teeming with wildlife;

Volcanoes with a mystical sense of beauty and awe;

Swimming in the Sun under a glistening waterfall emptying into peaceful warm alcove;

Deep sea fishing on a yacht in the pristine Pacific Ocean and having your catch grilled to perfection and prepared with other delicacies by a world class chef;

A spectacular dinner on the beach with your family at sunset, cooked with local and international specialties with including delicious fresh-baked pastries;

Imagine staying in Casa Faro Azul, a magnificent palatial home with 12,500 square feet of exquisite comfort and decor and 5,000 feet of terraces and patios.

Imagine spectacular vistas of the beach, forest and an untrammeled view of a Pacific Ocean sunset, right from your patio and living room.

Costa Rica Luxury vacation rental VIP Concierge Travel Planning Services

With your own VIP concierge, travel guide, tour planner and real estate agent, Costa Rica can be all of this and much, much more!!! When you work with Olga Araya and her Costa Rica Luxury vacation rental team, just about ANYTHING thing is possible. With the memories you make on your visit to Costa Rica, you might find yourself thinking, “Wow, it doesn’t really get much better than this…”

Whether you are traveling on vacation, planning a magical destination wedding, booking a corporate retreat or you are interested in a vacation home, rental properties or a retirement home, Olga Araya and her team can work with you to make your travel experience a lovely memory that you will cherish for years to come!

Costa Rica is a wonderful country of overwhelming natural beauty, stunning tropical wildlife and a warm, inviting culture full of kind people. Whether you would like to stay at their ‘crown jewel’ property, the splendid Casa Faro Azul – a true gem of unparalleled natural and architectural beauty – or you are looking for a smaller home or condo, the Costa Rica Luxury vacation rental team will help you orchestrate the perfect travel experience to fit your interests and needs.

With an open heart, Olga Araya and the Costa Rica Luxury vacation rental team would like to invite you to experience the beauty of our country and our people. Please join our mailing list and/or send us a direct message about your interests and travel ideas. We would love to welcome you to Costa Rica to enjoy our very special corner of the world, a quiet bit of paradise on Earth.
World Class Cuisine

Whether you are planning a destination wedding, a special corporate event, or a wonderful vacation with family and friends, Costa Rica Luxury vacation rentals will provide you with a world class culinary experience. Costa Rica Luxury vacation rentals works with a team of multiple chefs and caterers. This arrangement allows us to serve innovative local and international cuisines and to create specialty desserts with fresh pastries that are baked to perfection. The team puts in long hours that begin early in the morning and carry on into the evening, but everyone is passionate about their work. Authentic Kosher food preparation services are also available upon request.

“We often will send a menu out, but sometimes the people want certain foods that are not included in the menu. Casado is a typical dish here, with dry beans, plantains and so on; and tamales are also typical dishes and we always keep those ingredients in case people request them. But people request different things and we are flexible for our clients.

“A lot of people love seafood and we are really close to the beach. Mahi-mahi is the most popular fish here. Sometimes our clients will catch their own fish or and we will cook the mahi-mahi or tuna or whatever they bring from the Ocean, prepared to their liking.”

Olga Araya
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