Ocean Kayak and Snorkel

This kayaking adventure takes you to a hidden beach in Biezans Bay where you will paddle your kayak for a little over an hour navigating past tiny islands and observing marine birds and their nesting grounds until you reach the beach where you can swim, snorkel or relax.

After an unforgettable experience at Biezans, continue paddling towards Manuel Antonio where you will end your adventure with a typical Costa Rican meal.

Requirements: Some experience in open-seat kayaking is preferred, and a reasonable fitness level is recommended since this adventure involves kayaking in the open ocean, where some strong surf can occur. Children over 7 years old acceptable and have to paddle in a double kayak with an adult.

Recommendations: We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and water shoes. Bathing suit, waterproof camera, sunscreen, hat, and towel.

Included: Round trip transportation, guides, snorkeling equipment, drinks and meal. Single or Double Open-Seat Kayaks Available.

From: Manuel Antonio, Central Pacific