Moroccan House

Moroccan style impressive house located in Faro Escondido.

Just sixty minutes away from the capital city. The Pacific ocean view guarantees an unforgettable stay, tinged with a unique experience, full of luxury, and exclusivity. The blue landscape of Costa Rica’s Central Pacific and the
prevailing green in this exceptional residential project, complement the exotic beauty of the house that we
review this time.

This is a true “lady of architecture,” which warm and calmly welcomes her visitors, appearing in all her glory
through a very clean facade, reminiscent of the Arab style. External spaces, dominated by a garden filled with
native plants, seduce the eyes and give a hint of what is coming: perfect harmony between interior and exterior spaces, as well as between light and shadow.

The garden, casually used by Arab designers in the past as an analogy of paradise, has great importance in this home as a generator of feelings. Palm trees and gingers dominate the scene and they are joined by a female sculpture that welcomes you into a building full of sensory experiences.
The front door is another sovereign piece and it stands behind a long, vaulted ceiling, with the main function of protecting guests from the sun (or rain). Once inside, the grandeur is more than evident, mainly due to the stairs leading to the private area, located on the second level. At the lobby, the dual height is overwhelming and it takes its part in a nice sense of grandeur, along with the colorful stained glass on the wall, located on both sides of the stairs and work of artist Sylvia Laks. These guide the semicircular tour, leading to other rooms on the first floor. Thus, both to the left and right, you end up at the same place: the center of the house, the site that manages to coordinate the entire program, and which is occupied by a Moroccan accent
bar, which in turn is located next to the kitchen. The ocean view from this bar is fabulous and it merges with the infinity-edge pool. The terraces are spacious and they communicate with the kitchen as well as with a social area located on the inside.

Architectural elements such as the columns and the large windows that separate the social area from the kitchen on the terrace really stand out. They have a dynamic language (they end in heart-like shapes that symbolize the infinite) and they serve as a transition while providing a distinctive character to the building.

From this room, decorated (like the rest of the house) by interior decorator Mauricio Mazzali, there is a spectacular view of the seascape, the mountains, and the pool. The rest of the bedrooms, except for one, also have a balcony.

On this second level, there is a comfortable TV room, with subtle and refined decor, as chosen for an area converted into an office. No doubt, due to its characteristics, this elegant house (700 m2 and 2173 m2 construction site) is to be enjoyed by those fortunate ones who wish to buy it, as it is currently for sale.

Other highlights are the wooden doors, with board type details, that add a very peculiar contemporary quota to
this home. On this first level, there is also a room equipped with its own bathroom. The kitchen, with very appropriate dimensions, has excellent ventilation and lighting and is lined with fine wood furniture and granite countertops. The island, which emulates three barrels, matches the breakfast bar from where lamps of unusual forms rise up. Moreover, the balance aesthetic and technical dimensions of this building are a clear example of restrained elegance.

As to the private area of this beach house, on the second floor, we should point out the extent of the rooms, four bedrooms total (each with its own bathroom). The master bedroom is particularly important due to its generous dimensions and because it has a spacious balcony with a jacuzzi.

Price: $2,400,000.0